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#8258 - He reaches down grabbing both her tits with each hand stopping them from bouncing around,then he watches as she sucks her finger looking up at him then reaching down and around Amy slides her finger into her ass which she does often to make herself cum. I stand behind her and squat down and slide my cock along her ass till I feel her tight hole and gently pushing inside her Amy cry's out in ecstasy as for first time she has 2 cocks filling both holes at once,leaning down on Jim's chest she gives me better angle and I start sliding my rock hard cock in and out as Jim thrusts his hips up and down pumping his cock in and out and we work both her holes sliding out as Jim pumps in. Jim fucks her like this non stop without slowing down and Amy gets louder and louder,her tits bouncing up and down like crazy and the sight as I stand there filming is better then any porno.

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