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#7592 - Coming out of my daydream I was still playing with the dildo my pussy soaking and tight and Then it happened my body went rigid, my muscles tense my vision blurry as my body experienced its first real orgasam it felt like it lasted forever but it still wasn't long enough i collapsed in my bed my dildo laying next to me still vibrating, i saw a flash of light across my face and I opened my eyes scrambling to cover myself and hide my toy I yelled daddy! I'm naked and then the door closed behind the tall silhouette. She was trembling and daddy had is head back his mouth slack jawed and finally with a few more strokes daddy pulled out his thick white cum shooting out all over her back, her long black hair and those firm little ass cheeks. A loud slap rang out as his hand landed on her firm ass cheek hush.

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Natsuru senou
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