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#413906 - Addams says we spend too much on the agencies I just might agree with him, they couldn't find water if they were hip deep in the fucking ocean!!! Then plopping tiredly back down in his chair, he looked sadly at his staff and asked, Fellas, what the hell are we gonna do, where could she be!?! W-where am I, Jennifer Boyle stammered, m-my head feels like it's gonna explode!?! She had no idea where she was or how long she had been out, but she did know that she had a splitting headache and was definitely not back at the White House!!! She felt someone stick a glass of water into her hand and she eagerly drank it down, while her eyes tried focusing on the lone figure sitting behind the big desk in front of her!!! Feeling better now, Mrs. Meyer, d-don't make me do that, I-I can't!!! Hey, honey, he said smoothly, no one's making anybody do anything, if you don't really want the horse, no problem, okay boys, let's leave her alone, she doesn�

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