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#142201 - For most of the girls this was the first time that they had ever had any type of oral stimulation, so it was especially arousing to see them growing more and more excited by the second! After five minutes or so Sally ordered the girls to switch so that everyone would have a chance! While she had no partner to suck her, it was easy for Sally to lift one of her massive breasts upward, allowing her to suck her own pink nipple with her own hot mouth! This was one of her favorite lessons of the year! There was just nothing quite like a good nipple sucking to get a girl ready for a nice big cock!!! It was obvious from the sounds coming from deep in their throats that all of them were really turned on! Sally gave them another two minutes before ordering, All right, ladies, that's enough nipple sucking, let's take off our slacks and panties and have a vagina inspection! Again all of the girls quickly followed directions and removed their remaining things, leaving them totally nak

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Shinobu kawanishi
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