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#406205 - With four cocks, all three of my holes were kept busy, I alternated between them, when I told Phil to fuck my ass while Alan was in my pussy, they all gasped, my mouth busy with the other cocks, it felt great, both guys pounding my body to the max. As he pushed it right in both guys let out a WOW, and picked up speed, my mouth full with Grant’s cock, I was in business again, they pumped me hard, both guys happy to have their cocks in a nice moist hole, I let them carry on for some 10 minutes, each enjoying my body, then I asked did they like fucking my holes, both said yes, then I said did it worry them that both now had their cocks in a cum filled hole, at the same time both stopped then slowly started fucking me again, saying not really. Grant turned to see Phil licking up his cum from my face, he too licked some up, the three of us fully into the moment, as Grant then kissed Phil, both guys right into the sex, as we came down from our high, we all heard a voice in the do

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