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#286754 - We pulled into Peter & Sally’s home in record time popped the roof back on the car and secured it for the night before opening the boot to retrieve the overnight bags and a box of booze that Jan had loaded in prior to me arriving home from work, we were met at the front door by Sally who showed us to our bedroom before meeting Peter in the kitchen where I placed the box on the bench stating the beverages. Jan’s body was shaking as she peaked through yet another orgasm, but Peter and Sally had no intention of stoping the action with Jan, I knew what they were waiting for so I climbed out from underneath, found the lube that Sally had used on the strap on and wiped some on my cock and the crack of Peter’s arse inserting a finger as I did, “It’s ok mate” Peter said “come straight in” and with that I positioned myself between his legs and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to his arse. “Looks like you boys know each other pretty well “Jan said, and then she motioned to Sally to b

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