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#91059 - When he bit her clit, she came and bit him and , ’the pain’ he screamed into her setting her off in one continuous orgasm as he erupted in her mouth nearly choking her, she jerked up screaming, coughing, Harry kept spurting as she stoked him, her hips jerking on his mouth, trying to drown him. There he was, her love, sitting in front of a beautiful fire, sipping something, reading a book. “Bloody hell, two wives” Lee said “way to go Harry” Neville added “and what a pair too… huh congratulations” “Even though it’s a small family wedding, you’re invited, we‘ll owl you” Harry motion and more butterbeers arrived, finally it was time to leave At home they ate, sat on the couch cuddling together in front the fire, reading, sipping wine, not saying a word.

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