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#349411 - Goldie came to a sudden pause, frozen in a moment of fear and bewilderment; something had been vexing him for a while now but he’d only just realized it, he should have reached Blackhaven by now; he knew he had been walking in a straight line but it was as if he had just been wandering around the forest in circles for the past few hours but as he looked around it seemed that he had somehow gotten lost. The Older Bear plunged the tip of his dick into Goldie’s hole then in a few quick pumps he’d pushed his dick as deep into Goldie as he could then started taking soft deep thrusts, “OooOooo” Goldie softly cooed before The Young Bear moved around and stuffed his mouth again. Goldie was both frightened and relieved to see the men; frightened because he had entered their home without permission, he’d destroyed their furniture, and he had filled his belly with their food, then had rolled around in their beds and he had no idea how they were going to react, but he was relieved because h

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