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#24152 - I'm in here, came the reply from the bedroom, come on in, I have something to show you! Laura dropped her brief case on the chair next to the desk and quietly opened the bedroom door. Not tonight, Bobbi replied with a wink, but you never know, you just never know!!! THE END. Being the more butch of the two, Bobbi took the lead and kissed Laura hard on the mouth while probing the aroused blonde's mouth with her over active tongue! Almost as if on cue the two of them began slowly bouncing up and down in unison as the fucked themselves into an absolute frenzy with the gigantic rubber cocks jammed deep into their stretched out pussies! I-I love, you, Laura gasped while her little pink nipples pressed into Bobbi's huge nubs, ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, I feel so full of hard dick, it feels so fucking goooooood! I love you too, Bobbi stammered, I just love a good hard fucking, don't you? Oh yes, Laura replied while her tight little ass bounced up and d

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