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#190869 - Now, the really strange thing about all of this was Harriett Vance's reaction, which in fact was no reaction at all! She could tell that the young lad was totally out of it, and well, the touch of his hand on her chest did indeed feel wonderful, so what would be the harm in letting him have a little fun if he wouldn't remember it anyway, and besides, it had been a very long time since anyone had made her chest feel so good!!! After several minutes of groping, Ryan began to regain his senses, and after making sure he was well enough to walk, Miss Vance sent him on home before she finished restacking the books and then went home herself!!! The next day seemed like any other, people flowing in and out of the library, returning and borrowing books, kids coming in to borrow children's videos, and just the ordinary events that surrounded the day in a large public library.

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Shino kuribayashi
Who is she
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I fucking loved this so much