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#205469 - 'Bring my mother, the queen, to me!' he grunted, and once more raised his goblet to his lips as the official bowed himself out of the chamber, and he idly ran his hand over the gleaming black near-naked body of the Nubian serving girl standing beside him attentively with a jug held ready to replenish the goblet whenever necessary. Her brother had been a weak, sickly individual, himself the result of generations of inbreeding, and it had been obvious that he would not live into old, or even late middle, age - it had been rumoured that his wife's voracious sexual appetite had hastened his end. Ramun leaned forward and reached out to grasp her chin and raise her head, and he looked down at her breasts and thighs, then slipped her hand behind her head and kissed her roughly on the mouth.

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Magnifique video quelle plaisir j ai pris en te regardant jouer en double
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