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#270460 - well we both need a holiday after all we have been through so i don't see why we cant go really do you mean it Rick, can we go to the Maldives then it looks amazing there and it would be the biggest stress relief ever ok then i guess we can book it for next week then Nicky but on one condition, when we get back you make sure you attend school every day and not claim to of lost track of the days and there is no if or buts reluctantly she agreed, so that night we booked the holiday and gt our bags packed in preparation, pulling in a few favors from work just to get the 2weeks off for the holiday to what looks like the most romantic place in the tourism world. one evening i returned home from work very happy and excited after getting the promotion i have been trying very hard to get lets just say triple my yearly wage which has now enabled me to pay off all debts that threatened my sister and i with losing the family how so with those out the way and no longer weig

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