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#340498 - Since Richter will be fighting Humans and not Unas no weapons will be involved, a true test of strength, stamina and skill, the winner of these battles will earn the title of Pharoh and will be promised 1000 years of perfect health and any Woman he desires. My personal forcefield is based on kinetic energy, basically it can stop fast moving energy and projectile weapons but can't stop slow moving projectiles like a knife being thrown by hand. Again using my Goa'uld voice I say These 10 guards are not here for my protection they are here to settle any disputes you may have with your fellow Nerothians and keep the peace .

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Scarlet ibis
Her name
Shinobu kochou
Great sex
Yayyyy sooo glad you guys are back this is soo sexyy and surreal congrats on 100 million views baby heres to 100 million more love you guys