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#411713 - ” The sheer size of the dildo, together with the estim and suction to your tortured sex has you panting for release, and it’s proving too much, your body is producing copious amounts of lubrication and pre-cum. “How long has she been working here” asked the Earl? “Just today” came the reply from Simon Atkinson the Earls estate manager, or “Atty” as he was known to the other employees, a brute of a man with an evil mind and a deep disregard for women, the Duke liked and confided in him “She came from that employment agency we use for casual labourers, Polish, only been in the country a week, “name” “Anna Pioski” Atty replied, “single, unattached, no family in the UK, was living in a hostel in Kettering, moved out four days ago, been living rough since then” The Duke pondered for a moment “perfect, get on to the agency tell them she hasn’t turned up for work and are they sending a replacement, “that will throw them, she won’t be missed for a long time” he said to the ever atten

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