#117713 - So there Alex laid, Broken by a single hit, His body twisted in ways no body should, Too late did Lily realise why Alex had pushed her away from him, Too late did she realise the car was speeding and would of hit her had it not been for Alex, Had she known what fate was about to deliver she would of never been so insistant on Alex walking her back home, He had just saved her life at the cost of another, His very own. * Her sentence could not be finished, The tears were streaming down her cheeks as she watched Alex's eye's close for one final time, Too late did she realise what Alex had just said Lily:- *I love you. * Her Mother was silent for a long time, Sure the details were sketchy, Sure Lily had chose to miss out pretty much everything and just give the most basic of details but that was more than enough to make her Mother stand up and leave the room, For the next five minutes or so all's Lily could hear were the sobs coming from the room next to her's,

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Why would you even consider it simp
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Can i help
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He wasn t even hard when he was fucking her smh