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#304692 - The guys offered to help them back so her friends let the four guys help get her back to the hotel, being polite they let them come back in the room. The guy pushed her on her back and lifted her legs as he pushed his long fat cock in side her cum filled pussy, she felt it streach as he forced it in, she couldnt resist she was in ecstasy being treated like a whore, he fucked her for ages building slowly untill he was so forceful he wad slapping and chocking her while cumming so deep in her pussy, she couldn't control the multiple orgasms she was having, and actually started sreaming out in pleasure, 'Fuck me fuck me fuck me', seeing this the others wanted more. She was early 20's at this time, a real naturally beautiful girl with a very innocent look, long dark brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes, quite pale white, shortish, 5,5 with nice perky breasts, shes average bulid but not skinny and has the perfect big arse.

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Aguri madoka
That would be hot too
Ukyo kuonji
Jeri katou
Amazing hentai very sexy and you look gorgeous as always