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#337976 - I was lying in bed one night and could hear my uncle fucking my aunt she wasn’t loud but the low groans and head board hitting the wall gave it away, l began rubbing a finger between my pussy lips then when the head board hit the wall l pressed my clitoris hard wondering how big my uncles cock was because my aunt was enjoying it inside her. After that first spunk filling l was getting fucked regular by my father and brother Dave with neither one knowing that sometimes when one of them fuck me l was still full of the other’s spunk from an earlier fucking and l bet my son fucking mother wondered why her husband wasn’t giving her his cock, the men in my family were all mine. Getting up from the floor l went to my room and packed then sat on the bed the door burst open and my aunt shouted ‘get your slut arse out’ then left the room slamming the door shut behind her then the door flew open again, she had forgotten to tell me that Robert was in the car waiting to take me home, so grabbe

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