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#160429 - Get in , I will help you with your car tomorrow, I settled in the back seat, Tiny sat beside me, in a daze we traveled to Peta's house, i was still in a shocked state as we entered the house and walked through, The voice i heard sounded so far away, i was still feeling so satisfied, and the soft flicks of Tiny's long wet tongue cleaning my legs and crotch felt so good, Sara, Sara can you hear me honey!!!, I looked at Peta, she was holding a dog mattress and a collar, She smiled that sexy smile ,her eyes twinkled and her sexy lips looked so inviting ,i went to move towards her , Tiny growled and stepped between us. Wasnt so bad was it honey. like a rag doll i was pulled and pushed i had no control, he was using his front paws to hold me secure and drag me back as he drove deeper into me i felt his cock grow larger, then the sensation of hot liquid filled me, he stopped humping into me for a second i felt i would be free, then his intensity and ferousious fucking, drove

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Leone abbacchio
Damn that was pretty good
Urara shiratori
Sure gonna miss the beauty queen shawna lenee i mean i myself wanted to try her but that cant happen she must live a beautiful life with her children i heard stories but her life style she loves to read shes a great woman the man with her is a lucky man