#17955 - well - Yes master I will put them on “That will make you look like what you moaning whore” “A slut master - a cheap slut” “Unbutton your school blouse and male sure your clamped nipples are exposed do it bitch” “Yes master it's done - what do I do with the chain and clamp that is hanging down master” “It clamps on to your cunt” “Oh God no - not there - that's gross” “Take off your whores panties and clamp it bitch”? “No - not there - that will be so painful” “Clamp it on your cunt’s clitty whore, say it” “Yes master my cunt’s clitty; oh God is that my clitoris “ “Clamp it on bitch; clamp it real hard so that it hurts – Good. Again he demanded she spread her legs and show him her. Submissively she sat naked on the side of her bed; it felt as if her home had been violated by the demon she had invited into her world.

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Kizuna ai
Not so much muscles as skinny girl
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