#56163 - Montana Scott flopped down on her queen size bed and just lay there for a few moments, too tired to even throw back the covers! What a day, run, run, run, and not a second to relax!!! As her eyes slowly closed and blessed sleep began to over take her, the jangle of the phone on the night stand jarred her back to reality!!! Fumbling for the receiver, she answered, Hello, may I help you?!? Montana, a deep voice on the other end of the line responded firmly, this is Sir James, are you ready to obey!?! Instantly a shiver ran through her body, seemly whisking the tiredness right out of her, and causing her pussy to drench itself in a bath of warm cunt juice!!! I won't ask you again, he snapped, are you ready to obey!?! Oh, yes, she gushed, anything, I'm am ready to serve you!!! Very good, he replied smoothly, but before we go any further, I want you to lay down and bring yourself to climax, is that understood!?! Yes, master, I understand, she answered huskily,

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Alice yotsuba
Haruna otoo
Hi i did a spermogram watching this hentai thank you warming up my poor existence at this moment
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Kawaii we love you but we also love his thick baton
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Beautiful blowjob