#269112 - As we got into the back seat I told him take your his cloths off I want to see that hard cock of yours As he was taking his boxer short his cock sprang to life nice cock I thought as I removed my tee shirt he said Oh Wow your tits are amazing I slipped out of my skirt that was the ultimate turn on for him his hand was now rubbing his cock, as I was naked sitting in front of him I told him to lay back as I was going to suck his cock He leaned back I put his cock into my mouth and started sucking him and rubbing his shaft as I sucked he was now moaning OH SHIT THAT FEELS SO GOOD OH SHIT OH SHIT he kept saying I sucked him harder I could feel he was about cum in my mouth so I pulled out and rubbed his cock until he came all over my tits Oh my god he said that’s was awesome “That was just for starters I said ” I then removed my G-string and opened my legs wide I was now completely naked all I was wearing was my stocking and heel I must have looked so hot as I told him to get o

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