Italiana Glass Culazo

[Cuvie] 硝子 全3話


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#56103 - “Where do you live Stacey?” asked DC Davis “In the tower blocks on Stanley Street” said Stacey “Hope they have a lift” said DC Thorne “Yes!” said Stacey “Why were the men saying those things? You think its them?” asked DC Thorne “I don’t know and it could have been!” said Stacey “Well they seemed to believe you would give them sex!” said DC Thorne “I didn’t hear them!” said Stacey lying “Probably immune!” laughed DC Thorne under his breath They pulled up outside the tower block and made their way in the lift to the 16th floor, they walked down the corridor to flat 1608 and Stacey opened the door. nothing, I just need to go home!” she said shaking “Well you can’t go through here like that!” he explained “Please, ok have you got the key to the gate” she said shaking “No darling I haven’t. “Who is she?” asked Jake in his deep American accent “That? That’s Stacey a regular local slut who keeps the male customers happy” explained Ian the nightclub owner “And keeps them

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Jeryll coochibie
Good stuff
Chihiro fushimi
Pero que buen ojete ya acabe 2 veces pensando en chupar ese culazooooooooo