#36459 - Julia kissed me and joked how she was going to need another shower before getting up l whispered “let me get you pregnant” she climbed into the shower saying there was no way that was going to happen, l joined her in the shower then we dressed and before leaving the motel Julia’s husband phoned to tell her they won’t be going to visit their kids at university as he now had to work. I don’t know where my next request came from but blurted out, l wanted to get her pregnant, Julia looked at me and declared she was in her mid-forties which wasn’t an age to get pregnant and how would she explain that to her husband, l wasn’t happy with her answer but before l could reply Julia said she wanted me to do something her husband refused to do and rolled onto her belly raised her bum, so l gave her arse a hard slap, she pulled her bum cheeks apart and whispered “l want to try anal”, it may sound strange, but l wasn’t sure how to fuck Julia’s arse. After the film Lynda offered to drive me home bu

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