#131864 - no sir what are you I'm a vampire but don't worry you will be fine but I don't know about those friends of yours Please don't hurt them I mean you can but don't kill them please mister I'm begging you please Oh I don't know maybe I should so you know whos In charge Please Mister I know who'd in charge please I'm begging you please I start to cry I wont kill them if you promise to be mine til I decide when um through with you do you understand Yes Mister Ànother thing when you talk to me you will address me by master after every sentence you will ask for everything and everything do I make my self clear Yes mis I mean master Good girl now go wash up you have 30 minutes when you are done get one your knees and spred them and put your hands behind your head and wait for me do you understand Yes master whatever you say master Now get to going I dont want to punish you but I will Yes master I get up and walk

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Naru narusegawa
That dick looks waterlogged
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Loved it