#302256 - When I stepped through the door, I found Mark gently stroking himself and Sarah on her knees in front of him; Sarah turned and saw I had a camera. We made our way out of the house and to the shed, I was hoping that Mark would do what I was thinking when I had an idea, I told the other two to go into the shed but not to get started without me as I raced back inside and up to my room, grabbing my camera and turning to dash back outside and down to the shed. It took me a moment to realise that my sister was getting turned on by both Marks and my attentions, I began to lick her, softly at first, but after a while the strokes of my tongue became faster and more vigorous, the taste of her sweet pussy filled my mouth and overwhelmed me, unable to hold off much longer, I knelt behind her, grasping my cock with one hand and spreading her pussy with the other, I moved forwards, gently rubbing her wet cunt with the end of my hard cock, letting her juices flow out and onto my cock, making it s

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He cums she cries this is perfect