#196463 - I knew now what Grant had felt, and also wanted more, the pleasure over came the pain as more went in, my mind no longer in control of my body, as my butt pushed back harder and harder wanting more. Then one of the guys must have picked up the horse dildo, as the next thing I knew I was being opened up like never before, some one gave me a good sniff of the poppers, and I let them play, I could feel it going in further, my boobs being played with as I sucked on a cock, then I heard some one say “wow” she’s taking it all, as I exploded into orgasmic bliss, I felt kind of weird, as they used my arse for their pleasure, but as I was now in one long orgasm I didn’t care, Then they pulled me free, impaling me on 2 cocks, while another face fucked me, between them I cum 3 or 4 times. He looked at us and said, he had set it up, like a man’s club, so that when he has guys or girls over to fuck, he can do what ever he wants here.

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