#342981 - Rebecca and I have always been around each other till I hit the age of 13 my mom decided to take custody of me (which is an entire story I could to for another time) so I left my cousin Rebecca for a wile but I would come and visit every other month or so, so every time I would see my cousin she would look drastically older as she was blooming into womanhood bye every passing year, and our bond was getting even stronger as we physically have been separated so that desire to be around each other grew stronger as time passed on. will you let me in? I then opened the door upon request, she then entered naked handing me my clothes then dropping back to that baseball catchers position as she wraps her beautiful soft lips around my still very hard dick, Rebecca slurps once or twice before motioning her head back touching the tip of her tongue on the tip of my penis in a teasing fashion (my blood was still boiling as I was still turned on and wanted more sex) Rebecca


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