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#170261 - Come over here and lick it up. Both girls had removed there tops and were embraced bra to bra, Sharon had let her arms slip behind Christine’s back and was slowly removing all restraint to gain access to Christine 36c chest, by now my cock was reaching maximum restraint in my jeans I was forced to remove it and continue to spy on both girls (did they know I was there or did they not care) Sharon lips slowly lower to Christine’s now hardening nipples. Teasing her clitoris seemed to have the most desired effect when she started to grind her pussy into my mouth my hands reaching to tweak at her hardened nipples then return upwards and placing my hands firmly on her arse and spreading her arse cheeks to inspect and check her arsehole first rubbing it with my finger then flicking across with my tongue along the rim.

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Poke kid
Bitch looks like the villain from the little mermaid
Krista lenz
I want to smell her ass and live under her
Mmmmm yeea
Holyfuck this is good glad i found you