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#264343 - But yet guys things did not seem the way it actually was. Well it was 6:30 in the evening and we left to the restaurant, there we met Lisa and Charles ( Lisa’s husband ) the restaurant was quite good it had a big screen TV where the soccer was on and was between Manchester united and real Madrid it was soccer season and we could hear a lot of cheering , a lot of noise, everyone was having a funn time, And as usual men are men and they also went cheering on the soccer game, I could notice that Jacob and Charles were having a good time together. I was totally confused so I went back home really fast and dumped all the shopping items on the table and called Lisa , when I spoke her and told her about the boy at the local store she was amazed, which did amaze me and told me that I had to get laid with him it was the best opportunity since Jacob would be late and I would get sufficient time to be satisfied.

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