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#74505 - Just sitting there in the darkness which was fast approaching and feeling the rest of me at ease with myself, it was hard to believe that anyhting else was more important. My mouth started to fill with the sweet sugar of myself and soon I felt my companion shift a little and lie down beside so as to allow me to expose myself to the starlight night sky, it was heaven gazing up, my lips were parted and I yearned for the first sensation that I knew was coming. But deep down inside of me was an uncontrollable force building up demanding satisfaction, so reluctantly I started to exercise my muscles up and down the length of my friend, squeezing here and there, but my friend was a master of control and I had to work hard to send the message down inside of him that I wanted the food that was mine to have and kept me going until the next time.

Read Danish Tsunade no Insettai | Tsunade's Lewd Reception-Party - Naruto Grosso Tsunade no Insettai | Tsunade's Lewd Reception-Party

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