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#381870 - Okay baby, cooed Ronnie, show mama what good a cunt lapper you can be! Just hearing Ronnie using crude language drove Mo crazy, and she used her very experienced tongue to bring her red haired partner to a very hard orgasm, one that made her big tits bounce and sway when she had her climax. The pool, was sight to behold, as nearly all of the women were either totally naked or toplesswith a majority of them under thirty with hard buffed bodies! Mo and Ronnie just stood there drinking in the sights while enjoying the cavorting of the young naked women when Ronnie asked soflly, What do you say we join them!?! Why not, replied Mo, while pulling her tight tee shirt over her head, exposing her pert pointy nippled boobs. Nah, either one's fine with me, by the way, she went on, did you get a load of the purser, what a knock out!!! Mo nodded her head and added, From what I've seen so far, all of the crew, including the captain are women, there won't be a single

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