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#169901 - Her intense heat and wetness on his face being pinned under her marked him as hers, she was so much stronger that he didn't have much choice in what was happening, beneath her powerful body he may or may be consenting to what was happening, she realized that she wasn't sure and if he had she wouldn't have let him stop anyway. Trying to decide what to with him, the choices abruptly narrowed, wrongly assuming that she was about to insert him into herself by the fact she started stripping off their bottom halves of clothing as he stayed locked to her chest, the stress of it all suddenly hit him and his cock went limp. In him there was a keen interest in girls and sex but personality and pressure to succeed put a damper on coming near to those things, the closest he had gotten was rubbing his 4 inch penis on his anime figures with squeezable boobs until he shot his little load over them (a great way to pretend both were bigger) or once when he had bent from the waist to pick something up

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